Apprenticeship Success Stories

In just five years since the scheme started, four apprentices have already completed the TBS apprenticeship training programme to become permanent members of the team, and six more are at various stages of the process. There is a real sense of camaraderie among the apprentices. They support each other, and those who have gone before provide guidance and advice for new starters.

And TBS can already feel the benefit. We get fresh ideas and new perspectives, while our apprentices gain qualifications and practical skills in a supportive and structured environment. If you’re in a very technical business that’s essential.

We love seeing our apprentices complete their engineering course and develop into fantastic employees with a strong view of their future with the Company. We’re very proud of our apprentices.

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TBS Apprentice

Jordan Williams, Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship

If you want to do something hands-on, an apprenticeship is the quickest way to gain skills and experience. Some apprenticeships now give you the same qualifications you would get by going to university, so it’s a good alternative to further education.

It’s a really nice place to work. I’m really enjoying the variety and moving round different parts of the factory, mainly in the machine shop and fitting and tooling. But coming up, I’m in design for three months.

It felt like a real achievement when I first programmed a machine here – we had done a lot of training, a lot of work on programming at the engineering college, but I’d never actually ‘pressed go’ on an actual machine before. It’s a big step and it’s pretty terrifying because it’s an expensive machine, so you don’t want it to go wrong!


Rhys Wood-Stratton, Mechanical Engineering Apprenticeship
I came here straight from school. I love stripping down bikes, so I wanted to do this sort of work. Something hands-on. To actually make things. The production line is really impressive. As a technology apprenticeship it’s a great choice. It’s a good company, it’s expanding and there is room for progress.

Passing every test and exam, finishing my apprenticeship and being taken on as a permanent member of the team was a really proud moment. I’ve still had the opportunity to try new things and I’ve moved from fitting to machining, where I’ve really found my niche. I programme the machines to the right spec and set the job up. I’m currently doing a programming course for CAD, so in the future it would be great to use this and ultimately progress to a Supervisor’s position.

You have to be self-motivated. There’s more to the college side than I thought, but I’d definitely recommend it to others. You’re much more employable afterwards.

Posted on March 3, 2019 .