Continuous Paste Moisture Analyser (CPMA) - uses a sophisticated algorithm to monitor paste continuously, allowing the user to generate customized paste density and moisture content.

Energy-Efficient – only 7.5 kW (10 HP) when producing 4,500 kg/hr (9,900 lb/hr).

Small Footprint – integrates easily within existing production lines.

High Uptime/Easy Maintenance

Flexible Configuration

Our Continuous Paste Mixing System is key to continuous and efficient battery plate production.  Our CPM produces, on a continual basis, lead-acid battery paste over a broad output and chemistry range and can be controlled between 900 and 4,250 kg/ hr.

Key features of the system:

Rapid Start-up and Mix - 35 second startup/mix time

Homogeneous Paste Chemistry – the mixer co-rotating shafts, together with the close tolerances between the paddles and the mixer chamber wall, produce a homogeneous paste.