The TBS ICOS2 Industrial Cast-On Strap Machine is capable of taking palletised plates and producing fully cased-out industrial battery cells at up to 1 cell every 18 seconds. Requiring only a sinlge sipervisior, this machine can process large enveloped, leaf seperator and AGM type plate stacks with ease.

Graphic ICOS2 Machine

Standard Features

  • Programmable group transport system for accurate and gentle cell handling. The groups are carefully compressed in the carrier by a controlled amount to ensure the lugs are positioned in the mould strap cavity perfectly. The group carrier orientation can easily be switched by 180 degrees to suit stacker supply.
  • Unique pumped tin bath for dross free tinning.
  • Double-dip mould system optimised for processing industrial plates with quick release connectionsand multi-zone temperature control.
  • Quick-change mould pre-heat station complete with duplicate temperature control and colling systems.
  • PLC step control with robust touch-screen user interface for settings, diagnostics and management statistics.
  • Thermostatically controlled gas or electric lead pot. Lead is delivered at the precise temperature required for cast-on.
  • Automatic case-out system complete with case store and up-righting system top the output conveyor. The case opening system ensures that the plates are protected during group insertion.

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