Need a new part?

We provide a full and comprehensive spares service for all of our equipment. When enquiring for spare parts please provide the machine type and machine serial number (for example COS8 J17989), and the part number. 

Parts identification guidelines

GAs are General Assembly Drawings which are shipped with every machine supplied by TBS. Most GA drawings refer to a TBS schedule which is a list of the parts that go to make up a particular machine assembly. GAs show the item numbers of the parts in the schedule and on more recent machines drawing numbers or 12 digit BO part numbers may also be shown.

MP Parts are Manufactured Parts such as plates, shafts and brackets. They are usually painted, powder coated or plated and are referred to by a drawing number. 



Our experienced spares team will be able to help you identify any part number. Contact our team for assistance at (for Assembly Line), or (for Plate Manufacturing).                             


BO Parts are Bought Out parts such as motors, pneumatics and electrical equipment. They are specified by a 12 digit part number which has the following form: 000 00 000 0 000

Consumable parts such as Flux, Cork and maintenance tools are also available from TBS and their 12 digit part numbers are detailed in the operator manuals supplied with the machine.

Tooling parts are generally unique to your particular battery type and machine / mould configuration so if spares other than stanard items such as heaters, thermocouples and gaskets are required please contact TBS with the Machine J number, mould number where applicable and the relevent battery type reference.