A bespoke service for your unique needs

We recognise that every customer has unique requirements depending on their battery design.  The benefit of working with us is that we will make recommendations to maximise the processing capability of your designs, and provide the bespoke tooling you require to meet your individual operational and commercial needs.  

The last few years have seen significant investment in our tooling design process and manufacturing technology.

Although the tooling produced today is increasingly complex to meet the demands for fast cycle times and rigorous quality standards, modern methods mean that lead times are reduced to a minimum.




The main areas of tooling development have been in mould designs which allow greater control of the casting process and in group handling components for processing speciality battery types such as AGM, UPS, Gel, standby and traction.

For more information on tooling, or for quotations and 
lead times please contact the sales team: mark.gardiner@tbsengineering.co.uk