Vision and Values

Vision Statement

To be the first-choice supplier of lead-acid battery assembly and plate manufacturing equipment worldwide.

Mission Statement

To add exceptional value for our customers through continuous innovation, cutting-edge technology, and a service ethos that goes beyond expectations. By embracing the challenges of the industry and placing our customers’ success at the forefront, we propel ourselves to remain at the forefront of excellence in the battery manufacturing sector.


Customer Obsession

Always be passionate and obsessed with doing what it takes to make our customers happy.

Relentless Invention

Always look for opportunities to push the boundaries of performance and find a better way.

Own the Outcome

Always take responsibility for the task and see it through to the desired outcome.

Do the Right Thing

Always without exception act ethically, safely, with integrity and never compromise our values.

Win Together

Always work collaboratively with each other, our customers and suppliers, to achieve positive results.