Giving you the greatest speed, maximum efficiency and ultimate output

Collectively our machines produce millions of batteries every year and have made a significant contribution to improving the working conditions of battery assembly personnel around the world.

Optimal performance: fast change-overs, quality and consistency are paramount to our customers.  Our automated lines and advanced process control ensures consistent quality, product flexibility and high efficiency.

Proven reliability: with machines in the field running for over 25 years our high quality engineering and know-how delivers long lasting productivity for our customers.

Technical ‘know how’ – TBS pioneered automation and  COS technology, creating the most flexible high output  assembly lines.  We also have the worlds most advanced solutions in battery plate production.

Servicing supportwe have technicians based worldwide and rapid response teams on hand to deliver support and training for operators.

Safety: the very best safety features are designed into every one of our products, keeping your operators safe and your output high.

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If you’d like to speak to someone about your specific product needs and how we can support you please contact us on:

Assembly Line Production: +44 1242 229610 (UK)