Who We Work With

Our Partners

We’re a partner to lead-acid battery manufacturers around the world whose batteries play a critical role in powering and protecting the biggest brands in the transportation, commercial and industrial sectors.

Nearly all of the OEM battery suppliers to the major car producers, for example Ford, VW, BMW and Mercedes assemble their batteries using TBS equipment.

You're In Good Company

“TBS has been our partner for 45 years. Their equipment helps us to produce our batteries efficiently and effectively while delivering the high quality products our customers demand. We consider their service and support to have been an integral part of Mutlu's success over the last 45 years and look forward to our continued partnership for many years to come.”

Attila Turker, Board's Honorary Advisor, MUTLU

“East Penn and TBS Engineering have had a long standing relationship which goes back to 1987. Their commitment to customer satisfaction and willingness to work with their customers to provide state of the art equipment with high level quality and standards makes them a great partner to satisfy our equipment needs. This cooperation has brought new and innovative equipment to the battery industry.”

Robert Flicker, Chief Operating Officer, East Penn

"Trojan Battery Company and TBS Engineering have been partners for 5 years and in that time have teamed up on numerous projects that have greatly improved the quality of Trojan’s deep cycle batteries. The great equipment and support from the TBS team has allowed us to take our factory productivity and efficiency to the next level. We appreciate everything TBS has done for us in the past and look forward to working with them in the future."

Eric Rueter, Director - Process Engineering, Trojan