Our specialist capabilities in plate manufacturing equipment include rotary expander lines, multi alloy casters and continuous paste mixing systems. Every product is engineered for durability, close tolerances, efficiency and speed.

Based in Canada our expert plate manufacturing team has delivered over 200 worldwide equipment installations across the industrial, motive power and automotive sectors.

Since the early 2000s, we’ve been the partner of choice for the supply of thin plate pure lead (TPPL) continuous casting equipment. 

Today our team works closely with our assembly line division to provide our customers with complete end-to-end battery manufacturing capability. 


Our products automate key steps in the negative and positive plate production process to ensure:

High Productivity – produces up to 200,000 SLI plates per 8 hr. shift

Material Savings – optimized mesh design provides the lightest weight grid available. Target negative/positive grid weight ranges -20 - 28 g

Negative/Positive Strip - in various alloys for expanded and punched grids

Lower Trim Rate – as little as 15% scrap with optional trim-less system.

Optimum efficiency – line can be monitored by a single operator

Castable Alloys - Pure lead, Lead-Calcium, Lead-Calcium-Tin, Lead-Tin, Lead-Calcium-Tin-Silver, Lead Antimony